A Message For Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs


Author: Sadda Shaker

If you’re an entrepreneur like myself, we both know that work never ends. Trying to maintain your sanity, and therefore your creativity is highly significant to you and your brand/your business. Work could get overwhelming sometimes. Doing the same thing over and over could dampen your creativity and therefore negatively impacts your productivity. When you’re overworked, overwhelmed and under so much pressure, you’re going to face a few dead ends with work.

One thing I’ve personally tried, and has worked, is to take some time off for myself. Now I am NOT going to suggest to take an entire day off, because let’s face it, we probably don’t even know what to do with an entire day off even if we had one. I am however going to suggest to take half the day off, this way, you don’t have to feel guilty about not working an entire day, you could still get work done, but also take some time to yourself.

Depending on what you do and your type of business, you could either take the first half of the day off, or (if more convenient) leave work early so you have the rest of the day off. And when I say off, I mean OFF!

No social media work

No trying to brain storm for something for the next day for your next project

And definitely not working on your mobile devices during this off time, cause we all know how convenient that is.

Just take the time away from work to shut your brain off.

Do something completely different and out of your routine. Go take a swim, go to the gym, read a book, meditate, watch some TV, put your feet up and drink a cold one. Whatever you do, remember that this is a relaxing time. Relax your mind, relax your body and be at peace physically, mentally and emotionally.

Take this time to appreciate the little things in life. Appreciate yourself and all the hard work you’ve accomplished thus far. Appreciate where you’re at in life, measure your progress and look back on far you’ve come. Take deep breaths and enjoy those silent moments. When you return to work the next day (or the later half of the day,) you’ll notice that you’ve gained a substantial amount of creativity, energy and motivation to work longer and hustle harder.

The bottom line is that we need to maintain our sanity in order to maintain our hustle, so on and so forth. Try to take some time off once every 2 weeks, or whatever works best for your schedule. Taking that time off and away from work will boost your creativity and re-energize your work habits.

Do this and thank me later! If you disagree with this technique, just move on and keep doing your own thing; there’s no right or wrong answer.

source: medium.com