The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose.

purpose of life

Author: Philomon Sylvester

The importance of a purpose.

When there are feelings, and convictions, the great thing is to gather them all up to some distinct object. This “purpose” must not be only of the deliberate intention of the mind, but a “purpose of the heart.” Feeling needs a focus. If you wish to keep a thought, turn that thought into action, else it would all evaporate. Give it an object, and it will live. The question then is, what fixed “purpose of heart” can we make for ourselves today? I advise you to determine.

The great bane of by far the majority of people is, that they are living an aimless life! If the “heart” be without “purpose,” how can the life have an aim? The “heart” is a strange thing. It is a very complicated machine. It carries within it tremendous powers. If those powers are left to work loosely, without government, without direction, the confusion, the distraction, the misery is incalculable. But gather them to a point, concentrate them, use them for their proper and appointed purpose, and the force for good is immense!

All the “heart” wants is first an object suited to it, then a distinct pointing to that object, and then a fixing. So long as you go on without any earnest intention, or with some end which does not collect and employ the energies with which you are endowed, your affections and your talents will only run to waste. They will be all in conflict. They will prey one upon another. They will only do mischief. They will be rather tormentors, than benefits, both to yourselves and to everybody else.

Purposeless resemble the wave of the sea. They have no stability. They are at the mercy of every wind and seem to be driven and tossed every way. They are in a state of continual agitation. Now rising by hope, then sinking by despair.

There is Nothing impossible in all the world except that the heart of man is wanting in resolution — Confucius.

Resolution is the essence of that mental strength which gives energy to all the powers and faculties of body and mind. It is composed of love, zeal, and confidence. Such resolution has always had a principal influence in effecting all the great things which have ever been affected by the people of the world.

Great resolution and indomitable energy would be required to persevere in the face of the opposition we will encounter in pursuing our goal. It is not sufficient to begin well. It is the end that proves and crowns.

See the power of resolution! Those who are half — resolved, are like a door ajar, which invites a thief. But resolution shuts and bolts the door, and then the doubts flee from us.

Once we have purposed and resolved, there is to be no hesitancy, no doubting, no vacillation of the mind. We are to go ahead with the utmost confidence and assurance. Enlist. Never withdraw. Resolve to live for a purpose. No obstacles are to deter. No embarrassments are to drive us from the field.

Be not discouraged with the opposition which we may possibly meet with. When attacked, do not flinch. Maintain ground. Resist. Press forward. Strike home. Keep compact. Conquer.

Live with a purpose. Live for that purpose. Come what may.