Startup Founders : Your Ego Must Go?


By Pramod Chandrayan

Being alive in this 21st century is a blessing in terms of opportunity and scale one wants to attain in his personal and professional life. You can specialize or learn multiple skills in one or many domains and can make a blossoming career out of it. If you are a rebel who loves to solve problems and feels like building your own strong team and a startup around it, this is the best time to be alive.

In my short career span of 13+ years I have worn multiple hats and have executed many small and big tech products, seen so extreme failures, experienced the bliss of succeeding in some and have served many promising startups as a consultant. I have had some great realizations and learnings, which is felt worth sharing. Medium has been a platform for me to pour out my thoughts without any baggage and filters and i am extremely fascinated by it.

Today I am gong to share one very important lesson of my startup journey so far, which can be a kind of some help to all you aspiring Millennials who are looking to make it big in the coming future.

1 Life Lessons Which Can Break or Make Your Dream Startup-

I have very often said:

Ego has lead to many failures in the startup world, so don’t let go your startup let go your ego first.

Drop Your Ego: Be A Team Who Accepts Each Other In every possible way.

I have understood after my own failures & success that to build a sustainable and scalable business, you need to drop you ego first, especially when you are teaming up with different minds to be your “partner in vision”. Startup is built on the core foundation of trust & love, where all brains has to be in absolute harmony with each other, to function. Yes, there will be differences of opinion, but the vision has to be absolutely clear to everyone involved.

It is perfectly healthy to argue on product ideation, but if that is done to be dominant over the other it will lead to ego clashes. When ego starts playing over your mind, then the conflict of interest takes over, now you become more self-centered in your leadership, and it percolates down deeply to damage the entire startup ecosystem. Now the sheer love of building a startup is taken over by the ego, which only works to break the things.

Thus I Say :

When your ego rules you are bound to rule your startup in a way which is nothing less than a suicide.

Your ego has the following negative impact :

  • It will lead to founders conflict
  • You will not be able to build a great product team
  • It clouds your intelligence and you act foolishly.

Drop Your Ego While You Are Serving Others:

When you are in the business of serving others the first thing you need to keep aside is your ego.

Never ever let it pop up while you are serving your clients, you need to bury it deep down,never allowing it to come back. Your clients or customers seek ,trust worthy service provider who can understand their needs, and to have such deep understanding you need to listen to him like a child who never judges and is extremely curious, you need to be a silent listener whose mind is not capped but wide open. Then only you will be in a position to offer the right solutions to their problem.

Serving other demands absolute commitment and no judgement, but the egoistic mind always fails to offer his ear and ends up making wrong conclusions.

Summary :

So if you are a startup founder one thing which you need to drop immediately or practice is that, if you really want to succeed in this current market, where survival is less a challenge, but to sustain and scale is extremely challenging, you need to serve your team, your customers and loved ones selflessly.

I have observed that Ego always takes away and looks to be fed while if you give something with a sense of love you tends to feed others.

Businesses who can serve with a sense of giving is going to be big and will thrive effortlessly.

Startups who can cultivate & nurture ego-less minds and serve selflessly, will make an impact and is here to stay for long.