Top reasons to launch a startup in Wellington

Wellington’s startup scene turns bright ideas into successful realities. Our tight-knit community, sophisticated startup ecosystem, and support from various sectors facilitates collaboration allowing start-ups to grow and succeed on an international level.


These connections have paved the way for a collaborative startup scene in Wellington. Clusters of start-ups and tech-based business work together in Wellington to create a thriving society of ideas. The continual meeting and sharing of ideas have created a united community that works together to solve problems and helps each other to succeed on a global scale.



Wellington’s startup community has valuable relationships with business leaders, investors, mentors, partners and government making it ideal for networking. There’s a range of events year-round that offer great opportunities to meet, learn and be inspired by other entrepreneurs and industry experts doing great things.


We’re a small city, but don’t let our size fool you, we’re a force to be reckoned with and punch above our weight globally in the startup world. Our incubator and accelerator programs have taken start-ups to new heights and international success.



Support is baked into Wellington’s start-up environment. Help is never far away, and when you do ask for help you’ll get a platter of options in return. There’s a range of organizations such as Creative HQ and WREDA Business Growth and Innovation team, that focus on supporting and growing startups to help them realize their full potential.


Wellington’s start-up melting pot is very diverse with a rich variety of talented people creating and championing innovative and progressive projects. These talented minds, with their bright ideas and forward thinking, work together in Wellington’s ecosystem building a foundation for future startups to thrive.



Lightning Lab
Wellington is New Zealand’s startup hub and the home of thought leaders and original ideas. We’re also the birthplace of the country’s first digital accelerator program, Lightning Lab. Founded by Wellington’s start-up based Creative HQ, it’s been so successful that now the rest of the country wants a piece. No wonder Wellington is such a popular choice for digital and tech startups.


Startup programmes
There’s a raft of incubator and accelerator programs available in Wellington designed to take start-ups to the next level. Whether you’re a tech guru or wanting to get involved in social enterprise, you can be sure your startup will get the attention and support that it needs to succeed.


Time for living
Launching a startup requires a lot of effort and dedication, but in Wellington, we believe it’s important to have balance. It’s easy to get out and recharge the batteries in Wellington with walking and biking tracks only minutes from the CBD, and a sparkling waterfront just a short wander away.


Our CBD is only 2 kilometers in diameter, meaning you can walk from your meeting on one side of town to the other in less than 30 minutes. But you should probably allow for it to take a bit longer as our compact size means there’s a high chance you’ll bump into fellow entrepreneurs and business professionals along the way.