4 Signs That Reveal You Are Not Serious About Your Success

4 Signs That Reveal You Are Not Serious About Your Success

By Raul Ballesteros

You’re Not Optimizing Health

If you aren’t exercising and not really pay attention to your health, then this is where to start. Optimizing your health is the key to mastering how you feel physically & emotionally.

Research shows that adopting moderate exercise 3–5 times a week for at least thirty minutes will uplift your mood, lower stress levels and allow us to be more engaged in our daily tasks.

If we’re feeling tired, sluggish, or unmotivated throughout the day — exercise will significantly reduce these symptoms. Frequent exercise will greatly enhance our overall energy to allow us to be more engaged in moment to moment decisions.

Not optimizing our health can be detrimental to our lives. Physical activity greatly lowers our chances of developing a chronic illness or disease. The prevention of chronic disease should be our priority. Don’t put yourself at that kind of risk.

It can cost thousands of dollars to cover out of pocket health expenses. It’s much more expensive to treat a disease than it is to prevent it.

Do yourself a valuable favor and save thousands of dollars in the future by investing in your health today.

We must take care of the only vessel we have. Our body was created to move, run, lift, jump, swim, bike, hike and to experience the world around us.

To enhance the quality of our life we can simply add more physical activity, be more mindful of what eat, and manage our negative thoughts and emotions.

Optimizing our health is more than just being fit and feeling good. We must put into perspective that by being healthy highly increases our chances of living longer for our family, friends, and the people who care about us.

Life is a one time offer and we have the choice to make it great.

Thinking You Can’t Improve

Feeling stuck is a sign that we are not making progress or growing in important areas of our life such as health, career, relationships and our passions.

The mind is our greatest limitation. Don’t allow the negative thoughts and emotions to determine the outcome of our life. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We subconsciously develop the habit of thinking that we are not able to make progress or improve our circumstances. We must expand our knowledge & challenge ourselves to develop mastery in each area of our life.

Most of us get used to having the same job everyday and once we’re off, we don’t take any steps towards improving ourselves. We must use our time wisely and focus on building a framework for overall success.

We shouldn’t live life fulfilling someone else’s dream. Having a job is great when you’re going to school or executing your dreams on the side. If you aren’t working on yourself harder than you do your job, then you’ll remain the same.

Ask yourself:

How hard are you working on your dreams?

What do you with the time after work?

Can you dedicate at least 1 hour a day to work on your goals and improve your skills?

Learning to prioritize your time efficiently helps us ensure that we’re spending time on things that are bringing us the most value.

Time is our most valuable asset and how we spend each second determines our outcome.

You Don’t Have Goals

The most strategic way for us to begin transforming our life is by cultivating a plan for each area we want to master. The future can be unsettling when we don’t have a plan for where we want to go.

For example, if your calling is singing, writing, teaching, or owning a business then we should be researching the skills that we would need and identifying the most successful people in that field to study what they do.

We live in the age of information and it’s our decision to start taking action by finding the answers we’re looking for.

Going through life without goals is like trying to build a house and not having the blueprint. The people who are masters at their craft have followed strict principles and routines which have allowed them to manifest their greatness.

Success requires for us to follow strategic habits which can lead us to our triumph. If this practice has not been adopted then start as soon as you can.

By being more organized our stress significantly reduces and our productivity enhances. Creating a remarkable life takes discipline but is necessary for our personal growth.

We all face challenges and experience failure but it’s how we react to those situations that gets us through it. Always push forward and try to learn something from the rougher patches of life.

Don’t get lost in the noise and allow the negativity in the world hold you back. Life is a one time offer and we shouldn’t spend our time trying to fulfill someone else’s dream. We must take control of our mind and develop a strong framework which can put us back on track.

You Lack Self-awareness

Lacking self-awareness makes it difficult for us to understand our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This can be correlated with being emotionally unstable because we’re unsure of why we are at a certain stage in our life.

By developing this key trait we can be much more aware the direction we want to take and cultivate a stronger self-control over the emotions and thoughts we experience.

Our emotional state is determined by the way someone or something makes us feel and our reaction it. Developing healthy habits is crucial to us having better control over our emotions and having greater clarity about our purpose.

The great way to strengthen our self-awareness is by mediating and having more trust in our inner wisdom. Through meditation I’ve been able to find solutions to my most difficult problems. It’s a practice I use to disconnect from the noise of the world and re-gain focus on what really matters.

We are all going to die one day.

We shouldn’t waste another day focusing on the negative. It takes thinking about a plan to improve the situations that cause us the most stress.

Avoid living a life of regret and take action now. We must refuse to stay stuck in the rat race and do what’s necessary to create the life we desire.

Tomorrow is not promised and we must make the most of it today. Work on your goals daily & I promise you will reach your destination.

Not everyone had the same opportunity as you and woke up todayWe can’t let our biggest dreams die with us because the world will never be exposed to them.

source: medium.com