You Get One Shot: Earn It.

you get one shot earn it

By Taylor J Wallace

The Pity Badge Is Tired

This “Pity me, because I work too hard to try harder at progressing towards my dreams” thing is tired. We’ve all got the same 24-hours, we’ve all got the opportunity to design a life worth living, direct our energy and attention and make the most of our time here.

If you’re going to spend your “off” time, your post “work” time on the couch, starring a screens for entertainment or diluting yourself with sugar, self-talk, alcohol and other distracting substances then that is your prerogative. Hell, I salute you on some days. If that’s “the dream”, your dream, you won. This next bit is not for you. But…

If you want more, just shut up and do something.

The real work starts at 7pm and goes until your eyes burn and your brain is tired, every day. Earn your screen time, earn your relaxation and your happiness. Be driven, disciplined and crazy about the path you’re on, the contribution you’re making, what you stand for. And don’t dare settle for anything less.

Work harder and smarter than everyone at the things you give a sh*t about. Make your time and effort count for something. See the world and your life as you want to see it. Action on that everyday consistently and as authentically as you can.

You can do and be anything you want. This life is the culmination of all the decisions you’ve made. You alone have shaped what it is, how you think and perceive it, your circumstance and relationships surrounding it and your interaction and place in it. You are in control of your life through the thoughts, decisions and actions spend your time, energy and talents.

Don’t settle for anything less than everything you want your life to be. Don’t settle for the stories, the quick wins and the perception that everything is the way it has to be. Be something. Do something. Anything!

And do it a little more, a little better, everyday, for a long time. Get beat down, pointed and laughed at in your pursuit. Take it all, all the suffering, all the blame, all of everything from everyone and build something the world has never seen or heard of. Build something meaningful and then give it away.

Contribute to the proliferation of evolutionary. Show the world that they can trust you to get things done, to not waste time and energy. And when you’re all done and at the pinnacle of your purpose.. give it all back, and then some.

Never surrender, never settle.

This is your life. You get one shot. Go get some.

Raw Thoughts…

“We alter reality to fit the stories we know, live and tell ourselves and other.”


In times when you find it hard to think of reasons to keep going, why you are here or if anyone really cares just remember that there are 8-billion people who have individually and collectively agree that your life has purpose and is worth living and continuing on. It’s scary to think that anyone of those 8-billion people has the power to make a drastic change or even take a life but it is incredibly beautiful and empowering that we all choose to exist together, through and through.


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.

You have to approach the problem from a different perspective while remaining in the same domain, rather than runaway and mask it with an external domain. Intellectual problems ought to be dealt with intellectually; emotional problems, emotionally; physical, physically; social, socially. Mixing and matching, searching for quick fixes, avoidance band-aids and sheer stubbornness does little but circle the issue, cause confusion and prolong the process. Deal with it, sit with it, get to know yourself and the problem and learn to even enjoy the process of suffering. You might be amazed at what you can learn of yourself and others.


One of the most beautiful attributes of creating something with staying power, a piece of creation on display, set in the unchanging stone of completed work is that you, as the artist, and they, as the audience, get to revisit it as time goes on from the changing perspectives in mind and body that life and time provide. We get the pleasure to revisit, re-appreciate and reevaluate ourselves and our perception of the art moment to moment. Build something perennial, put it out in the world and let the constant of time create the potential of infinite experience.


The broader your scope of impact, influence and contribution, the kinder and more generous you invariably have to be; to yourself, others and the environment at large.