Jobs and AI: Top Tech Cos That Want Are Hiring For Their AI Teams!

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the workplace, but did you ever expect it to take over altogether, with a robot even taking your place? 

Figures from the Department of Work and Pensions showed approximately 8,820,545 British jobs would be lost by the rise of artificial intelligence by 2030 and over the last three years the demand for workers with artificial intelligence skills has increased by up to 119% according to job site, Indeed. 

With AI booming, RS Components has analyzed job openings and posts at the worlds largest technology giants to discover who is actively recruiting for AI-related roles, and also who is most at risk of losing their job to a robot.


  • Microsoft tops the list with 1,964 AI job openings, equating to 36% of total jobs they have on offer to soon be filled by an AI specialist 
  • Microsoft has more than double the amount of AI related job openings than Google and more than 4.5 times the amount that Intel has open
  • Popular social platform Facebook and streaming platform Netflix make it into the top ten with Facebook offering 191 jobs in AI, 6% of total, and Netflix offering 35, also making up 6% of the total jobs they have on offer
  • Largest tech company in the world, Apple, comes in at number 12 with 129 AI jobs on offer, only 3% of their total 4,574 jobs on offer.

Here is what experts say on Impact on Jobs due to AI and Machine Learning: 

Ex-Google Executive Kai-Fu Lee claims that 40% of the world’s workers will be displaced within 15 years.

“In 50 years, it is reasonable to think that robots will be able to ‘support’ and replace human beings in several activities. Already electro-mechanical devices outperform humans in sensitives and reaction time,” says Kai-Fu-Lee. 

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and Founder of, which specializes in the development and integration of AI solutions to enhance organisations’ products and services, says: “It should come as no surprise that big tech companies are increasing their number of AI-related jobs. We can see that the companies listed in the research are already using different types of AI-technology to improve the way they engage with their users and customers.”