Start with Why! The Gospel of your startup journey.


Harsimran Julka 

Why are you starting up this business? This is the most important question perhaps in your whole journey. 

There could be multiple answers to it. 

You could be in a job and wish to not take shit of your boss or the politics of the environment. 

You could be an entrepreneur and having had failed – you could have taken up upon your ego to succeed in business. 

Or you could be in a situation where nobody employs you – and the only way out to find a living is to start and be your own boss. 

All the above reasons are not what the customer cares for, unfortunately. 

You could be happy in your own job and really like your boss. But you have found a gap in the business and the market which could be fulfilled successfully by a solution or a product you have imagined – this could be a legible reason. 

Or you have found a way to succeed in a business and create a product or service which could be substantially cheaper than the one already available in the market. 

This is a reason where the customer could definitely have a reason to try out your product or service. 

All the other reasons could be in the periphery and not the primary one. 

The other most important reason that you could want to start a business is that you really love and enjoy doing it. 

Even if nobody wants to pay for the product, you would still do it for free. Yes, that could be a legible reason. 

Start with the WHY and then proceed. And just make sure that your reason is legible enough. 

Often, the reasons new age entrepreneurs give are very strange – it could be to travel to meet new people, to try new things and to meet new people. 

But a business is a system that makes money at the end. If your hobby can make a money for you it’s a system, and you are self employed.

However if it makes money, even without you being present – its a business. 

Always, mind your own business.