Steps to Do to Start Your Business


Author: Life Stories for GrownUps

Everything Starts from an IDEA

The trigger which made this planet expand has always been nothing else than man’s ideas. Nothing is given on this planet. Everything is created.

Who understands it and embraces to live a creative life, has the key to all riches.

Creativity is the magic wand we were born with.

I don’t mean by creative living necessary being an artist.

Living a creative life is living with the purpose of evolving, transforming every single day in a self discovery journey.

Most people are blindly searching for riches outside them. They’re rushing after money, amassing and hoarding it in the hope someday they will be rich and safe and happy.

But life passes and the material wealth is quicksand. Never lasts.

How many times big fortunes vanished in one instant leaving a desert behind?

The universe doesn’t like stillness. It likes movement, change, expansion.

Whole lives people try to build safety places and then stand still inside clinging their amassed possessions just to find out sooner or later that underneath there’s quicksand.

Stability and safety on this planet are just illusions.

Sorry to say that.

Will I Be Happy and Rich Some Day?

Happiness isn’t a destination.

The only solution for people to live fulfilled lives is to learn how to ride the tide and be happy on the go.

Otherwise, the tide will hit. As stable the hub looks like, as hard will be the blow.

Complaining would do nothing more than worsen the situation.

It’s just like sitting under the rain and complaining you’re wet instead of taking an umbrella.

Riding the tide doesn’t require big effort. It’s more a question of perspective, skill and practice. And ultimately it’s rewarding.

Everything on this planet is perfect.

People who stand still become bored, have less and less energy to live, and finally lose the meaning of life (if they’d ever had one).

By contrast, people living with a meaning and creating are the happiest. They don’t feel any struggle, they just easily surf in a flow.

But, how could we reach that point?

Embarking on the Journey

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”-William Shakespeare

Yes, being true to oneself is KEY.

Start with what you like and what you can do. Finding your area of interests is the first step and the most important.

Your area of interests is not a niche. It is much more broader than what we consider a niche to be. It encompasses your different interests and pursuits which you really like to dig in.

It could be entrepreneurship, branding, self help, cooking, healthy living, fishing, painting, photography, and whatever else.

Here should be your starting point. The combination of your pursuits represents YOU. And from the intersections and overlays of your interests will result your best right ideas to share with others and make money.

Being true to yourself means recognising what you’re really attracted to and combining everything in a whole representing you, your capabilities and your talents.

Everyone of us is the result of everything we’ve learned, experienced and did and of what we’ve been gifted when we’re born. We cannot separate our areas of expertise and interests. They are a whole.

They are not a sum, they are synergy.

We cannot extract a part of this whole and completely forget the other parts.

If you like cooking and surfing and simply living and you’re thrilled pursuing these three areas, why to separate them? Wouldn’t be better show up in front of other people with similar interests and grow together inside a community you created?

In prehistory the tribes as social hubs gathered together people with similar survival interests.

Now, in the digital era, things aren’t different. Only the areas of interest are infinitely broader because humanity evolved.

Have you ever experienced meeting people who talked the same language with you, people who you’ve felt to know from a lifetime? You can talk with them hours in a row and you still have more to talk.

When that kind of gathering happen, magic happens.

You cannot find your tribe when you stand still or when you try to push to the marketplace ideas which aren’t yours, which others say are working. These ideas indeed work for others because they are the result of their personalities.

But you’re different.

Riding your own creativity tide is the only way to go. And it’s free.

Discovering Yourself

Trust yourself and show up on the marketplace with your true self and you’ll find the right people who will want to learn from you and will become your customers.

  1. Don’t fake anything. Just be YOU.

There are no right ideas, right niches, right ways to make money.

There are only your ideas, your own niche and your right way to make money.

Go find it!

No one, not even the wisest guru on the planet, will tell you what to do to make money.

Only you know it. The answer lies inside you. Just dig in and be true to yourself.

2. Be patient.

It’s about your life’s meaning. Don’t treat it superficially.

It could take time and probably the best way to do it is by starting journaling.

It worked for me and maybe it would work for you too.

3. Don’t discount anything.

Think about every single area that has interested you ever. You don’t know where the gold hides.

4. Once you have your area of interests defined, make a plan to extend it, to learn more or experience more and continue journaling to better organize your ideas and get clarity.

5. Dedicate daily time to it, don’t break the chain.

6. You’ll be surprised after a few weeks to see how far you’ll get.

That will be the moment for you to outline your future steps, to integrate everything in a vision for your future.

This is a very important step. Don’t skip it.

Remember that without a vision for your future you’ll advance blindly and let hazard decide in your place.

7. Determine your destination. See with your mind’s eyes where you want to be in a few years.

You’re ready now to start building your business and ride your tide.

Now You’re Prepared to Get Started

Following all this self-evaluation and self-discovery process you’ll get to yourbusiness idea.

You’ll know exactly what you have to do, where is the perfect land for you to grow.

Don’t let this process take too long time. Normally, in maximum one month you should be ready to build your business and go further.

You don’t have to find a fix idea to get started. It is enough to establish an area where to move.

In time, your interests will become more clearer, some of them will drop, some other will extend. The most important thing is to feel like walking on a known land, your own territory where you feel at ease.

After clarifying what you’re going to do, go learn the ropes of becoming an entrepreneur, apply your knowledge and give a name and a real place to your business.

Remember: When you start from inside, the sky is the limit.